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malfoutu asked: hello, just curious as to how much knowledge you had about fashion design before you started your course in fashion design. did you know a lot about garment construction, pattern cutting, drawing etc..? or did you learn everything once you began? i love your work!

I had made clothes from industrial patterns before and knew how to work a sewing machine, and I had done goes textiles so I knew surface treatments. I could draw and research but in terms of pattern cutting and draping I learnt that all in art school! Thanks!


Urban outfitters is ripping me off with the help of a party named ‘Bambam’. This is taken from my original work tryypyzoyd. I’m furious. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP.

I will respond in the post to any inquiries: I emailed them and I’m waiting to hear back.

Thanks so much to anyone who reblogs this post. I will follow you if you reblog.


Updated my website at And here are some Prints I’m playing with for a new collection -Skeletons of hulls.
I’ll post some sketches soon.

thestyleinnovator asked: Hello I know this is so random but I am interested in starting getting into fashion design and I want to get into some sewing classes and really want to invest in a great beginner sewing machine and was wondering if you had any good suggestions for me? :) Thank you!

Don’t get dazzled by stitch choices- all you need is a decent straight stitch, maybe a zigzag and a good buttonhole stitch for clothes. (Unless you’re big into quilting) and electronic interfaces are a waste of time (plus it’s better to learn the old fashioned way where you have to thread your own bobbin if you’re going to move up to an industrial machine) Go for a simple design, build quality and a name that servicemen will recognise! A pfaff select 2.2 is ideal, or the equivalent singer or brother. Ask the person in the store a normal zipper foot, an invisible zipper foot and then try to find one metal and one silicone foot!

Alexandra Lloyd

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